Monday Stuff: Wonderspaces, the most Instagrammable art show


I could not WAIT to tell all of you beautiful people about Wonderspaces. A couple months ago, I saw an advertisement about this art show that is all installation/immersive art. Knowing both Jake and my love for art and especially light installations, I jumped at the chance. Seriously, we love lights. It is almost a problem. 

When we walked to the pier, it was a little daunting, it was our first immersive art show, I wasn't sure what to expect. Especially after we had to sign a waiver. I distinctly remember saying, "is it possible we are going to die?"

We all know I can be dramatic.

The first room was this INSANE mirrored room with lights that all synced up to some hypnotic music (that was the theme of most of the pieces). It was a bit irritating (the situation not the art piece), as I had a feeling it was going to be used as an Instagram hot spot. And I was right.  People sat in the room taking full blown posed photoshoots. 

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Which I am fine with. Honestly. I have been on social media since it came into existence (how old does that make me sound?), but seriously, there are other people waiting to actually experience the pieces.  I know I am being a crabby bitch about it. But it was super annoying, because I felt like people weren't actually experiencing the art. We legitimately saw so many people walk into the rooms, glance at the art for one second, take 40 photos (some people even laid on the ground), and walk back out staring at their phone comparing pictures. It depressed me a bit. Taking pictures after you have fully experience the art? Acceptable. Only walking in the room to take pictures, let alone obstruct other people's views to take over the top pictures? Lame. 

I guess this turned into an opinion piece. 

But, despite some of the obnoxious behavior around us, Jake and I had an AMAZING time. 

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We experienced virtual reality for the first time, in the form of a freaky short film about alien abduction. Which was very interesting. I felt a little silly sitting in a room full of people turning my head all around. But we were all doing the same thing, so a room full of silly people. You felt like you were apart of the film, and it was nice to experience in a more intimate way with a group of people.

There was one exhibit we couldn't go into, which was constructed out of a ton of plastic looking bags (it had a long line), but I was afraid of getting claustrophobic. You also had to take your shoes off and I got weirded out by other people's toes. 

I swear I say these things, and I know how dramatic I am. And a hypocrite, because I walk around without shoes all the time. I already know my best friend and mother would yell at me, they are constantly telling me to put shoes on.

But other than the sweaty, scary foot bag (that was actually quite striking from the outside view), all of the exhibits were great! Illegal art was this giant wall covered in post-it notes that all the guests could right their wishes on (it spelled out "To Do"). 

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Our favorite installation was called Submergence by Squidsoup. It was INCREDIBLE. Thousands of strands of lights, synced to soothing music. You could walk through the strands, touch the lights (gently of course), take pictures, but mostly...we ended up standing in a trance for most of it. I didn't bring my camera, so excuse the crappy cell phone pictures (time for an upgrade). But we were speechless, the installation was just unbelievable. Jake wants one in our house. 

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In hindsight, I am really glad I didn't spend the afternoon behind my camera, Jake and I were able to really enjoy each exhibit. If you are interested in the show and local to San Diego, the website is here:

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Jake and I adore art, but we haven't been to a show like that before, and we plan on doing more activities like this. It wasn't exactly stepping out of our comfort zone, because we are huge hippies with adoration for art, but it was very intriguing to immerse ourselves in an artist's work. It also makes me appreciate my home here in San Diego. 

It has been almost two full years since we moved, and I cannot believe how much the city has embraced us. Everyone here loves that they live here, and it shows. The community cares, and sure we have our problems in the city, but San Diego truly is a wonderful place to live. 

Not to get too mushy.

I hope everyone has a truly WONDERFUL Monday, even though I know that is hard to do because Monday is usually a big box of stink. 

Let's make that big box of stink a happy one! ;)