Monday Stuff: Vacation!

I hate beginning posts with "so" but I feel like it is necessary for this week. 


There, it is out of my system, but somehow, I am even more tired. I needed about a full week of recovery after vacation, and that is why I haven't had any new content up. I know it is a shitty excuse, but honestly, I am learning to slow down sometimes (just sometimes) and I needed to calllllm down. I am not your typical "type A" person, but I do have ADHD. And even though the "hyperactivity" part has been controlled the last five years, the excessive need to always be doing something has never left (and probably never will). So the ability to spend two full weeks just enjoying life (besides the last week of actual work at my day job-wink) was incredibly revitalizing. 

But I think I overdid it. 

Because I am still tired.

Probably partly due to the fact that when you become an adult, no matter how hard you try, life doesn't stop and the laundry doesn't do itself. What a drag. BUT it was all worth it, it was the first real vacation Jake and I have taken in two years! With the move to California in 2016, limited time off, and just trying to settle into an entirely new life, we hadn't been able to take more than a few days off in almost the entire time we have been in California.

I am compiling a blog post all about our time in our hometown Milwaukee (WI), but in the mean time, let me tell you about the incredible drive across the country!

It was STUPID.

Trust me, I am smiling, as I write that, but I am not sure we will do that ever again without stopping for a night or two (we did stop on the drive back though). We figured to get there as fast as possible we would switch off, sleep in the car when we can, and get there extremely quick. While we did achieve that, it took us all week to catch up on proper sleep. The party my family threw us the day we arrived we were basically zombies. I think what made it so difficult was just how boring the drive through lower Arizona and Texas was. (Sorry everyone that lives in those states, it was basically dirt and highway the entire time, not exactly enthralling). 

The last two hours that we got into Milwaukee was HORRIBLE, honestly the worst part of the entire drive. And we drove through a scary lightening storm in Oklahoma. We were so close, yet so far, it was dark (and also incredibly boring). So I blasted Britney Spears and both of us sang at the top of our lungs, then when that stopped working, we played a trivia game and it seemed to help. Within 10 minutes of setting our stuff down we were out like a ton of bricks the minute we stopped at my parent's house. 

I will talk more about the trip itself in my Milwaukee post later this week, but I will say this: it rocked our socks. I forgot how much I missed my city, but despite how much we love Milwaukee, we were more than ready to make our way back home to San Diego. 

Now the trip back...incredible!

We drove to Denver, CO for the night, and you guys....that city. BREATHTAKING! The mountains, the buildings, the stadium, the 16th street mall! GORGEOUS! I sound like I am selling something on the home shopping network. I swear though, it has more hippies than California, which isn't a bad thing, I was just surprised. I myself, am what I call a "modern" hippie, so I was pleased. We were not expecting as many people, at one point I swear there were about five hundered people on one street while we were walking with the dog. Unfortunately, the dog, my sweet Frankie got sick or something the day we arrived. He refused to walk, he looked like he was overheating (even though he had plenty of water), and he kept laying down on the street the night we were trying to explore. So we had about thirty minutes in downtown Denver before we had to turn around and go to the hotel. 

But the minute that dog hit the hotel room, he was happy as a clam in the air conditioning and was passed out all night. So I am not sure if it was the thin air, or the massive car ride to get there, the heat, or the over stimulation of all the people. But Frankie dictated our night, so we couldn't explore. Which, now that I look back at, was nice, because Jake and I shared some champagne, watched some TV and passed out at 8:30pm. 

Straight ballin'.

The next morning we shopped a bit, ate breakfast, and headed back on the road. Being in a car at that point was so obnoxious, but we were revitalized because we saw some of the most beautiful sights we had ever experienced! The two states we stopped in the most to sight see were Colorado and Utah. 

I was in complete awe. I am sure I said "oh my God" about 100 times in Colorado alone. Utah stole my heart a bit as well with those gorgeous rock formations. We definitely plan on going to Zion National Park, possibly next year. I am a sucker for a National Park, probably one of my favorite places to be. 

Below are some of the wonders we were able to stop and look at, but the pictures honestly do not even do it justice:

I took about a thousand pictures (literally), but I wanted to include my favorites. You really do not need to see pictures of a blurry bison I took while we were going 80 miles per hour. But I did see my first bison, so win in my book. I think I was most struck by Colorado, the miles of green trees, looming mountains, and the Colorado river...I cannot WAIT to go back. But we are thinking about staying in the mountains this time around. And cute. Utah is an easier drive for us, so we are definitely going to go out to Zion soon!

Also, for anyone Jake and I didn't kill each other on such a long drive (34 hours there)! I think we had maybe one tiff, and that was because I kept falling asleep on him, when I was in charge of car entertainment. Which while I was awake, should probably have been televised it was that good. We had an amazing road trip, and kept relatively healthy on the while we were on the road. We packed lots of food, stopped at Whole Foods for salads (sandwiches for Jake who was driving a majority of the time), pistachios were our salty snacks, and we had plenty of cold brew coffee. We also had a ton of Wisconsin favorites that we brought back, but that is a post for later this week! 

Hint: it involves cheese, lots and lots of cheese. 

Happy Monday!