Monday Stuff: Trying new things

You would think that by the time I was 29, I would be pretty confident in what I like, and what I don't like right? 


The older you get, the more your tastes change, accelerate, and you find that things you once use to enjoy, just don't cut it anymore. Recently, I have been experiencing this more and more. I felt like sitting and watching Netfix when I am not working on the blog just seemed to be a large waste of time. Don't get me wrong-I love loafing around and having movie marathons. That will never change. But I noticed this year how much time screens were taking up my life. 

Work, social media, my blog, movie marathons. I felt like any free time I had (that wasn't spent outside) was spent doing something that wasn't productive. So I set out this year to change that. Jake was down for the new experiment as well, so we started off small. We bought books we normally would never read, which meant we spent less time watching TV before bed, and ended up really enjoying them. Not that we didn't read before, we were just spending less time reading, and now it is a welcomed majority of our nights. 

In addition to reading new genres, and listening to newer music, we signed up for French lessons! Which is amazing, fun, and challenging! We plan on going to France in a couple years (hello cheese of my dreams) and learning a new language has been a goal of both of ours for a long time. The class itself is interactive, and we had a hilarious time trying to speak in French accents (they weren't bad!). We plan on becoming fluent in Spanish as well right after our French lessons are done, which will extremely beneficial (and fun). 

Spending our time on things like that, and enriching our minds has been such a refreshing change of pace. I noticed that I feel a lot more mentally satisfied, and not as anxious on some days. I am not sure that I have mentioned it before, but I actually have ADHD, so keeping myself entertained is VERY important, otherwise I am prone to annoy myself with my jittery behavior. 

In the spirit of trying new things, I encourage everyone reading this to go out there and do something they have been thinking about lately! Whether it is a new recipe (Blistered Green Beans with horseradish butter anyone?), learning a new language, trying a new exercise, going to a new restaurant, or maybe buying a new outfit that you usually wouldn't dare. It is so refreshing, and you will feel so accomplished, even if it doesn't work out the way you hoped. 

Life is meant to be experienced, and Netflix will always be there, hell, I did French lessons and watched the Godfather for the first this weekend. I've never felt more cultured. ;)