Monday Stuff: The Zoo

What. A. Weekend.

My best friend of 14 plus years (that sounds CRAZY to me since we met Freshman year of high school) came to San Diego for an epic girl's weekend last weekend. We have sort of made it a habit so far, as she came around the same time last year. The difference this year, Jake went to visit his mother out of state, so we had the long weekend to ourselves! 

Which meant tons of talking, lots of walking, workouts, and playing makeup (she is the makeup artist out of the two of us). Also cocktails, but I discovered something about drinking:

I cannot handle liquor whatsoever anymore.

I will say even though I didn't drink as much as I used to on girl's weekends, there was one thing we did smash: our steps. We walked/hiked SO much Friday and Saturday. Over 26,000 steps both days. Friday was one of my favorite days, we went to San Diego Zoo! Jake and I became members this year because A) we love going, because the zoo is beautiful and B) it gives us a new place to go for long walks (Jake and I went again this weekend, sorry not sorry I have been both weekends). 

The best part of going on Friday? We hit the absolute PERFECT times. Almost every single time Jake and I had gone to the zoo prior, there were a bunch of animals that were not out. We just seem to have that kind of luck. Which, I get. They are there to live, not sashay past me for entertainment. But I swear it was like magic afternoon. The only animal that we didn't see I believe was the polar bear! We even landed near the porcupines during feeding time.

And I may be exaggerating, but a porcupine eating a corn on the cob is quite possibly one of the top twenty cutest things I have ever seen in my life.

After snapping pictures most of the day (and still trying to enjoy the day not stuck behind the camera), I was able to capture these adorable little thangs:

My favorite part of the San Diego Zoo is how natural each space is for the animals. Everything is created with them in mind, landscaping is carefully placed to look like their homes, and even the food bowls can be spotted inside rocks if you look hard enough. A lot of the animals that San Diego Zoo cares for are endangered, or are threatened, so it is nice to see that they have a safe place! 

I understand the controversy around zoos, but honestly the San Diego Zoo is extremely caring, and I believe even named the top zoo in the entire country. The level of care, and respect that happens there is truly visible. The zoo keeper discussions, the cleanliness, the education, animal ambassadors, it truly is a special place. 

That is why we became members this year! Nothing brightens my day more than watching giraffes nibble at leaves, or the penguins nosediving in and out of the water, and depending on how I am feeling, I may even cry when I see the elephants. 

I LOVE elephants.

Little known fact, I routinely cry when I see adorable animals. Truth. Every time I spot dolphins when we go to the beach, total waterworks. Embarrassing, but involuntary! 

I mean, come on. Dolphins are the best.

I am surprised everyone doesn't cry when seeing them.