Monday Stuff: Shameless Dog Post

You know when you discover something that was smack dab in your face the entire time?

Something that is essentially right in your backyard, that is so wonderful, so shiny, and an answer to all your problems?!

Yeah, that was us this weekend, when we discovered the most GLORIOUS dog park of all time. Fiesta Island is a park in Mission Bay and is only a quick drive from our house. We have been there a few times since we moved, but since it is always busy, we never stayed long enough to discover the GIANT off leash dog park on the other side of the recreation area!

I cannot even explain how amazing it is. Water areas, field, sandy parts, it has everything Frankie adores! The best part is that he can roam around off leash, which frees us up to hike faster than him while he trails behind sniffing random junk. Even with the large amount of other dog owners and their puppies, there was plenty of room so you didn't feel like anyone was breathing down your neck. We felt so unbelievably stupid for not realizing this sooner, because our King, Mr. Franklin Delano Pickles was EXHAUSTED after this trip. A perfect angel, snoozing away in the sun all afternoon, only getting up to eat and down some water, before choosing another spot to nap in. 

It was pure heaven.

I didn't have my camera, so I apologize that they aren't of superb quality, but I wanted to show off the sheer size of this park! Also, Frankie loves to pose, it is like he was born to model for me.

Look at him vogue:

After that, we went home to work on our prospective projects, including painting some new photography backdrops! So much fun! But I am pretty sure I got super high from the paint.  But it was totally worth it, because I LOVE THEM! Which is probably super boring to everyone else, but whatever. FIGURED I WOULD SHARE THE NERDY BACKDROP LOVE.

Other than that, we did our usual; binge watched Criminal Minds, worked, I did two huge photo shoots, cooked a ton (new tasty recipes are headed your way) and relaxed. My best friend of almost 15 years is coming to town in a few days and I cannot WAIT. 

Commence homemade face masks, movies like Dirty Dancing, cocktails, adventures, and tons of workouts where we try to kill each other.

Happy Monday everyone! I already need a nap.