Monday Stuff: Series Announcement

I am not sure I have been this excited about a project since the culmination of my blog, or the discovery of this fake potato soup. My new series "Crumbs of Enlightenment" (p.s. how cute is that name?) is a brand new way of approaching food culture. My entire life, I have been passionate about food, where things came from, ingredients used, recipes that went back hundreds, possibly thousands of years sitting on my dinner table.

I always envied other culture's historical roots in their food, they knew who created the recipes, where the ingredients came from, and it is ingrained in them the importance of said dishes. As Americans, a land of immigrants, our food history is blended, obvious influences in our cuisine can be noted, but the true history of how our cuisine transitioned into what it is now is not highly known. 

I think we need to celebrate all of our cultural influences, where we came from, where and what our food represents, and learn more about this melting pot we call home. Crumbs of Enlightenment will explore all different cuisines, historic dishes, farming traditions, the rise of fast food, farmer's markets, and anything in between. It will also investigate the dirtier side of food history/production, quality of ingredients, and any issues that may relate to food politics.

This won’t just be limited to American food history/subjects, this will be a global project. I love educating myself, I love researching and exploring all avenues of history, especially food history, and I thought that bringing this series to the blog was the perfect excuse to finally start this project. I haven't decided how often the articles will pop up, as some may be more detailed than others (recipe testing historical dishes), researching, possibly conducting interviews, so I do not want to promise these will be every week, or every month. But with my enthusiasm on the subjects I pick, I am sure you won't be waiting for very long before the next article comes out!

I had to take a step back on the blog as I slowed down content because something always seemed like it was missing. Or it wasn’t quite fitting into my vision of Shut up, eat this. This series is one of the missing pieces. I think when we grow up, we have this vision of ourselves and what we will do with our lives. I never planned to dedicate my life to food. Since the age of 8, I have adored everything in the culinary world. I was baking homemade crème puffs, and layering lasagna by age 11. But, I was hesitant to dedicate myself to it. Many times I pictured myself in culinary school, running a restaurant, but I knew it wasn’t right…so I never pursued it.

But this? The blog? It just makes sense to me. And I adore doing it. Crumbs of Enlightenment is going to allow me to share even more of my passion with you. I am planning a few more changes to the blog, to make it even closer to my vision in the coming half of the year. More creative recipes, more ingredient/cultural/history based content, and possibly even some videos (that is if I can literally stop laughing every time I attempt to film myself)!

I couldn’t wait to share this series announcements with everyone, and I am completely amped up for all the new items I will be launching this year! I wanted to thank everyone that takes time out of their day to tune into my corner of the internet, you have no idea how happy it makes me when you do.

Here is to the next year of blogging goodness!

Now I have to figure how to bring my laptop on the beach this summer without getting it filled with sand….

A boss bitch can lay out and get business done, right?