Monday Stuff: No, this is not going to become a wedding blog, but YES I got ENGAGED!

 Let me start by saying, I feel like I have had to post this on so many social media platforms it is crazy! I am really not trying to consume everyone with my engagement. PROMISE. We forget so quickly how many different social media profiles we have at this point. Especially me, since I run a blog as well.

I almost didn’t mention it on here because I didn’t want to be in everyone’s faces like one of “those brides”. Not that there is anything wrong with shouting from every rooftop that you are engaged (because believe me, I know the temptation now), but I am actually a pretty private person when it comes to my relationship. Sure, I post the hilarious anecdote once in a while, and Jake is most important person and part of my life, BUT, I get a little shy about sharing us with everyone. So I thought it over for a week or so, and decided that YES I did want to share my engagement announcement on the blog. I mean, THIS IS SO EXCITING!

It isn’t a surprise to anyone in our life that this happened, I am sure, but it does not make it any less incredible! Jake and I have been together for a little over seven years now, and have been best friends for over 10 years. Which seems unfathomable. I feel like I was just a 19 year-old eyeing up the boy in produce.

Since everyone loves a proposal story, I must tell ours. Since it is utterly, truly, hilariously us. Saturday night (December 1st), we went to park on the bay to have a bonfire. It was a cool, crisp, San Diego evening. The sky was on fire per usual, full of oranges, pinks, and a deep blue. It was perfect in many ways, the crackling fire, the waves lapping on the shore. The twinkling skyline in the distance, from where we sat, we could see the entirety of downtown. But there was something strange about that night.

Jake was distant, and quiet. Not mad, or sad. More like nervous. He kept sticking his hands in his pockets, getting up and down, fidgeting (more than usual). He was acting so strange, I ended up getting nervous and tried to fill the silence. I put music on, I sang, I danced, at one point I even ran-danced around the fire pit. Do not ask me why. I cracked jokes, I kept asking him for his jacket because I was cold. He refused which was weird (I would later know why). He was barely speaking to me, which was especially weird since we were without Frankie, we could have a discussion without constantly wondering what he was doing. So, I filled every inch of silence with something. I could not stop talking.

I thought to myself “oh my god, is he going to ask me something tonight?”.

And by the time the fire went out, nothing had happened. I was confused. Then I asked him if he wanted to go home or if he wanted to go down by the pier (which is about 2 miles away). I didn’t exactly feel like going home yet, and we hadn’t done a beach walk by ourselves in a few weeks.

He agreed enthusiastically and said that we should go by the Christmas tree that is perched at the end of the pier. Which of course, I was down with, because I never pass up a good Christmas tree. It was again quiet in the car, and we walked silently onto the beach. He scooped up my hand and we walked our normal path, under the pier over to the opposite side, and it was incredibly beautiful. The water was so black and covered in moonlight, the waves were high and loud, crashing around us. Winter in San Diego is absolute magic.

He told me to stop so we could look at the tree, I sat there staring at it, and BAM. He is there with an open ring box, and asked me to marry him.  

I blurted out “what are you doing?!” Half laughing, half grinning like a mad woman.

He said, “well is it a yes?!”

I laughed, and said “UM OF COURSE!”

And while I was hugging him he said “GOOD, because I never thought you would shut up long enough for me to ask you!”

We laughed so hard, he slipped the ring out of the box and on to my finger and we walked to the first place we ever stopped in Pacific Beach for celebratory margaritas. It was perfect in every single way. Me being an idiot all night forced him not to ask me at the bay, which ended up bringing us to the place that we fell in love with San Diego. Funny how life works out, things rarely go according to plan, and it is still perfection.

I can’t imagine a better partner in life, and I really, really do not want to be one of those girls that completely gush, but I am so beyond ecstatic it is immeasurable. I was level infinity happy before he was my fiancé, but now we just get to celebrate our love with family and friends. I couldn’t think of a better husband than Jake, and I consider myself very, very, lucky.

BUT, all the gushing is making me woozy. 😉 We had a mild panic attack, since we ALREADY had to book our venue this week. We are getting married 10/03/2020, so we thought we had plenty of time to plan right? WRONG. We decided we didn’t want to get married anywhere else but our hometown Milwaukee, so we knew what venue we wanted right away. Luckily, Jake pushed me to call the venue to see when they start booking up. I found out on Wednesday that they book up over two years in advance! After quickly peeling through 20-30 venues, we made the decision to book the place we wanted. We had to move the wedding date we originally wanted, but hey! We got the place! Which is all that matters. It is a sentimental building as it is somewhere we spent a lot of time when we first started dating (the park near it I mean).

I will share more details as I feel more comfortable, but I wanted to share this with you, my internet friends!

This is NOT going to become a wedding blog, believe me, recipes are still top of my mind! Even if Pinterest wedding content is distracting me at every moment….

But, I did want to let everyone in on why there hasn’t been any new content! We had a whirlwind week, and our heads have been in the clouds! I have been distracted but plan on being back on track starting today!

I included some pictures of our engagement night, where Jake proposed (I took the picture this morning, we went back today with the dog, it is one of our favorite places!), and the ring.

Jake designed the ring himself, it is a green/yellow/blue sapphire, with a halo setting, but the bottom is like a prong setting. I am terrible at ring descriptions, clearly. But it is a gorgeous ring, and I am madly in love with it! Honestly, I can’t stop staring at it, the colors change with every different type of light. It reminds me of the ocean! The best part? He spent hours designing it himself, and it makes it 1000 times more special. OKAY. I HAVE TO STOP NOW.

Happy Monday everyone!