Monday Stuff: New Series


Groan, I know. 

But I have good news for you. I am starting a new series! I wanted you to see a different side to me other than my food obsession, because that is literally usually all I talk about on here. But believe me, I could definitely discuss food 24/7. 

Because food. 

Monday Things will be a fun little weekly outlet to discuss stuff in my life, my current favorites/obsessions, upcoming ideas/inspiration. Pretty much everything. Hence "stuff". I thought of the idea because I have received questions on some of the stuff I post on social media, so I wanted to expand on more of it. 

Without further ado, the "stuff". 

1. New find: Ugli Fruit.

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Oh yes, I am starting with food. I have always wondered about Ugli fruit, but I have never picked one up to try for myself. This fruit is very strange, wrinkly, surprisingly light, but smells incredible. It is described to be similar taste to that of a grapefruit, but I would completely disagree. It is not tangy, I would say it is closer to a very sweet orange/tangerine in taste. The actual texture is that of a grapefruit. I am not sure if I ended up grabbing a very fibrous Ugli fruit, but it was slightly difficult to chew (pulp haters stick to juicing this bad boy). Interestingly enough, a lot of people do not know this, but it was discovered in Jamaica growing in the wild and Ugli is actual a trademarked name by the original company that discovered the fruit in the late 1920's. 

I juiced the other half and it was unbelievably delicious. One of the best fruit juices I have EVER tasted, I want more right now. Definitely worth the try!

2. Current obsession: Under the desk elliptical

Oh yes, you read that right. I am that person, I work out under my desk. At work. 


This is the exact stair stepper I purchased. 


I know what you are thinking. I get it. "Allie, you spent $70 on an elliptical for under your desk?" YES. I DID. And I am OBSESSED. I can't obviously do it all day, because A) I am not insane B) That would be literally all I did all day. But when I am on the phone, or running through a bunch of data entry, I happily spin away. I average around 4000 steps a day right now. They have cheaper versions available, or little biking machines, but I can personally attest this one rocks. It is really quiet, most of the people at my job can't tell that I am doing it. Until of course I announce how many steps I am at and wait for them to tell me how cool I am. I also have extremely long legs (I am a little over 5' 9"), so I have to position myself so my knees don't hit my desk. But to be honest, they almost hit the desk even without the elliptical. If you are looking for something that gets you moving during the day, I recommend looking into something like this!

3. Currently feeling: Overcast Beach Days

Go ahead, throw something at your screen everyone back home. Do it. I dare you. I know it is winter everywhere else, and it is cold, and gray. But we rarely have "cloudy" days in San Diego. The last week, there has been this really cozy mood here in the city. Misting rain, gray skies, a chill in the air. It reminds me of early fall in Wisconsin. The way San Diego differs? The fog that blankets the city, the mist dampens your skin, and moistens the leaves of the eucalyptus trees enveloping the air with this overwhelming scent. It has been a really nice change of pace, and the perfect stay indoors weather. We spent the morning at Torrey Pines Reserve hiking, and then we went on a late Sunday afternoon walk at the beach. It seems everyone and their mom had the same idea to emerge from their cozy cocoons because the beach was slightly packed. But, the misty water was so relaxing, I couldn't help but include some of my shots below. 

4. Current Answer: Yes, my dog is an odd mix. 

That noodle below, Frankie Pickles, is a very strange-looking dog. One of the cutest mixed breeds you will ever see, but getting stopped in public can be overwhelming. Frankie is mostly Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), and then he is Basset Hound. El to the o to the el. He is the cutest little bean EVER, with his incredible coat, tiny legs, weird basset chub body, and precious angel face. But because he is so unique looking (seriously I haven't seen a dog that looks similar), we get stopped ALL THE TIME. I would say a minimum of three times per outing (so if we are going multiple places with him, it can be up to 10-12 times in one day). No exaggeration, people are just generally intrigued by him. I may be biased, but I get it, he is incredible adorable:

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Our favorite doggy item for him right now that is life-changing?! This slow feeder from Amazon.


Franklin has a tendency to straight up inhale his food in less than 15 seconds, which means he is begging for food ten minutes later. This slow feeder has been in use in our house for about a week, and he isn't begging much anymore. It does slow him down, and it seems like he enjoys figuring out different ways to get the food out. For 10 bucks, it stops his incessant whining, or bowl tantrums, so win in our book...for now. I am sure Frankie will decide he hates it soon enough. 

5. Current project: Furnishing the house/slight redo

We have decided to stay in our current apartment for another year, so we have started the process once again to finish furnishing the apartment. We are about 3/4 of a way done with bedroom which I was completely in charge of, so picture a very hippie chic bohemian cave. Cozy, bright colors, plants, incense, vintage furniture. All of my favorites. We are changing the kitchen to a mint green/copper theme, and the living room we are going more manly, with an industrial look. I am hoping we are done with the living room by the end of the month because we have a guest next month! My best friend is coming to town! I cannot wait!

Happy Monday folks! This time change threw me for a tiny loop, I am running quite late today! Pretty sure saying "another 5 minutes" wasn't helping me at all, but worth it.