Monday Stuff: Latest Favorites

As I write this, I am contemplating whether or not I will let my computer battery die or muster the strength to go get my charger. While my workouts have been amazing, getting used to being sore every few days is…an adjustment. I laugh as I write that, because I adore working out. I have always been active since the beginning of my weight loss journey a few years ago, but when I moved from Chicago to California, I stopped working out as religiously as I used to. The last month I picked up right where I left off. Prior to the last month, I was only getting in the gym maybe once or twice a week, and hiking on the weekends. While that is active, it wasn’t to the level I was used to, and I desperately missed it. The last month, I have been in the gym five times a week, every week. My confidence has come back, my body is loving it, and I can already see a difference!

I am unfortunately one of those people, that NEEDS to work out. Otherwise, I don’t lose weight. Some people can just focus on eating and workout twice a week. NOPE. I need to work my ass off. And I love it.

But the sore legs? Those can go away now please.

Speaking of working out, I wanted to share my two favorite amazon work out products:

1.     These leggings:

They are nice and tight, so they don’t fall down, or bunch up, which means you can get a premium workout in without messing with them. You know what I mean, you don’t have to adjust them when running, wedgies are no more, they are cute, LONG for the tall girls like me, and they are CHEAP for workout leggings.


2.     These men’s shirts:

I LOVE men’s clothing for working out. Especially oversized t-shirts. Oversized t-shirts and leggings are my jam. I know the “hot” thing is super tight spandex shirts/tanks. But that is a no go for me. I hate getting sweaty and having to peel off super skin-tight material. Also, not to be gross but skin-tight clothing while working out is a breeding ground for bacteria. Barf. These shirts are the sweat-wicking material, which is amazing on long runs, and San Diego sun during hikes! They are so silky, and comfortable, and are half of the price for the Nike counterparts (which I adore as well).


3.     Current obsession: Sumo Oranges.

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Alright, so I know a couple of weeks ago I spoke about Ugli fruit, and now I am recommending ANOTHER citrus. But. So. What. I have been eating four of these bad boys a week, and I just can’t get enough. I will be heartbroken when I see them disappear from my local Sprouts. These strange-looking bundles of love are juicy, flavorful, and the texture is incredible. It doesn’t have a typical citrus texture, it has the texture of a mandarin orange, and the taste of a perfectly ripe orange. The taste reminds me of childhood, the sticky juice running down my wrists after running around the neighborhood in the summer sun. When you split the orange segment with your teeth, the insides reveal a brilliant, orange array of pearls. It reminds me of caviar. If you can get your paws on these little treasures, do it! You will not be disappointed.

I have so many tempting recipes coming your way the next couple of weeks. I have been cranking out a ton of work, yesterday I was cooking and taking photos for seven hours. Yes, you read that right, seven. Seven long hours. I love it, but that probably attributed to the sore legs as well. Jake was able to taste test a ton of recipes, which made him very happy. It also made him talk about In-n-Out less, which was a win for me (he would eat a burger every day if it was up to him). My feature ingredient post will be up this week as well, I was reorganizing how I wanted to put out content, and I think I finally nailed it down so stay tuned! Hint: this is one of my top 10 favorite foods, and you just may be nuts about it as well.

P.s. I am really glad spring is here, BRING ON ALL THE SPRING VEGGIES!