Monday Stuff: Hiking and things

I promise. I swear to you, I am not trying to rub San Diego weather in half the country’s face. But really, it was gorgeous out this weekend. I feel terrible for everyone back home, it isn’t even fun to tease them about their bad weather at this point.

It is amusing for a while, but it is mid-April, it needs to stop. Everyone is begging you winter, just leave, no one really wanted you in the first place, it is time. I am speaking on behalf of everyone in the Midwest and East coast. Just stop. While I do feel bad for everyone stuck in the cold, I am happy to report we were able to have a stellar beach day (including being able to see one of my friends from Wisconsin!), and we destroyed an amazing hike.

Monday Stuff, Frankie |

The hike that we crushed was Double Peak in Poway. Let me tell you about hiking. Three years ago, I wasn’t able to walk up a flight of stairs without catching my breath. The thought of going on a hike up a mountain? Not really something I ever thought I could do. This morning? We beat our previous records by making it halfway through the hike in 25 minutes! Which is…just incredible. It used to take an hour when we first started out. I didn’t need to take any breaks, and if we didn’t have a pouting dog with us, we would have finished the entire hike in record time.

That is why you should always try something that is difficult, especially when it comes to fitness. You will be amazed in what you can achieve! I have been pushing myself the last couple weeks, attempting to complete workouts that aren’t exactly my favorite, I call them "do what you hate" workouts. Like burpees.

Who in their right mind likes burpees?

Literally the worst.

But I did 30 on Thursday, and despite almost needing to call 911, I finished them. Dramatic much, Allie? I honestly felt great afterwards though, AND I can already see the changes in my body; my arms are slimming, my waist is shrinking, and I am physically much stronger. The challenging workouts are definitely making a difference, especially in endurance. I think the proof was in the hike today. I have a change up in my eating plans that I will discuss in a few weeks after I try out the initial meal plans that I created.

Not much more to report, we spent most of the weekend at the beach, binge watching Criminal Minds, and cleaning. Which is the worst. But, my best friend is coming to town in a few weeks and I need this place spotless. The only thing I couldn’t get a handle on, was the dog hair! I swear, after vacuuming for 10 minutes, and then walking around wildly with a swifter…I turn around: SWIRLING TORNADO OF HAIR STILL. FRANKIE WHY?!

It isn’t his fault of course, but I am pretty sure he is “blowing his coat” before summer arrives for good, so the hair sitch is a little out of control. He is still the cutest thing on four legs, so he gets a pass.

He did try to steal our steak Saturday night though. Naughty demon dog. The steak? A grilled rib eye that I put on flat breads with ramps (YES I GOT MY HANDS ON SOME), burrata cheese, and tomato with chili oil. It was perfection.

Here we are grilling, in shorts and tanks, gearing up for all the beach time, and my home state, Wisconsin…is knee deep in snow. I cannot tell you the dozens of pictures I received by Snapchat or through social media of all that wintery crap. It seems like it is a completely different world, one item from home I do not miss is the weather (but cannot wait to be back in May when it is hopefully warm!).

Sorry guys, your weather sucks.

You still have better cheese though!