14 Keto Recipes To Make Today

If you clicked on this post this means A) you like me and just want to see what I have for you today OR B) you are starting/on the keto diet and want some inspiration. For those in A, thank you for the support always and forever, and for those in B, get ready for some inspiration!

Now while I am more of a macro based sort of gal for weight loss (been on my own journey for a couple years now), and don’t avoid all carbs, I do cook a lot of recipes that fit into the keto lifestyle. I have noticed an uptick in interest in this low carb diet, and I was going through my recipes and noticed they naturally fall into the guidelines. I try to cook a lot of varieties of food here at Shut up, and not just because I have food allergies. I think that food can be incredible on any diet, if you know how to do it right. This doesn’t mean that I am a keto blogger…believe me, I am not at all. I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite recipes and show how versatile they are to different lifestyles.

Without further ado, take a gander at my growing keto recipes here on the blog. My personal favorites (and the ones on repeat in our household) are the Perfect fall apart oven roast beef, best mayo free tuna salad, lemon chicken & zoodles with goat cheese, blistered green beans with horseradish butter, grain free meatballs, and Mediterranean grilled chicken.

But if I am being honest, they are all delicious.