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I thought my culinary life was over...

I was diagnosed (after a hurried and mildly terrifying trip to the ER) with both a soy and sesame food allergy when I was 20 years old. Food had always been my passion. I adored cooking (started at age 6), eating out, trying strange, new dishes, attempting to perfect a pate a choux dough at 10 years old . I poured over recipe books like I was studying for my PhD. 

I feared all of that ended the day my face blew up like the GoodYear blimp. 

But the more research I did, the further I fell in love with food. I didn't need soy or sesame to make incredible dishes! In FACT, my cooking developed into something, incredible and unique. 

Shut up, eat this, is a lot like me, ever developing, opinionated, colorful, and a little wild. It is a place where I showcase all of my favorite global and seasonal inspired recipes. I take inspiration from cuisines around the world, falling in love with a new ingredient every day.

I LOVE to celebrate all aspects of food, ingredients, the culture, and history. 

If you love delicious creative recipes, beautiful ingredients, and are fascinated with everything within the culinary world, well then, we are going to be best friends.

Unless you prefer deep dish pizza over NY style, because, then we may have a problem. 

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